Can a foreigner or non-Turkish citizn buy a property or house in Turkey ?


Yes, all nationalities can purchase a property in Turkey except for Syrian nationality, which must establish a company and register the property on the name of the company. There are some places where a foreigner can not own it such as military and border areas and there are some places should take permission from government for owning foreigner in it .

where to start when i want to buy a house or a property in Turkey ?


Turkey is a very big country that combines the modernity with history and has a lot of regions , options and areas.

 each option and area has its own features.

you can find places to invest in and you can find areas that can be a great touristic experience to you and you might have thought what if i have my own villa or house or investment here .

you also can find areas with sea view or historical view 

some are great for business others are great for accommodation but there are areas that does not fulfill you needs.

but how can i know where to buy and what to buy.

what to pay attention to when buying a property in Turkey ?


here we will discuss the most important things you need to know before you buy your dream house or investment in Turkey 

and these things can be summarized as follows:

  1. Building Age

  2. Location

  3. The surrounding environment

  4. Property Size

  5. Choosing the most suitable real estate consultant

  6. Legal Papers

what about the building age aspect before i buy a property in Turkey ?


It is preferable to buy a new property. If the budget does not allow, it is recommended to buy a property that does not exceed five years old because of the change in modern earthquake-resistant construction policy.

Pearl Turkey will give you all details about the building 's age and the whole area.

what is the best location to buy a house, villa, property or invest in Turkey ?


Whether you are considering buying a property for living or investment, you should choose a location close to public services, transportation, schools and malls and keep away from industrial facilities due to noise and air pollution.


Pearl Turkey is always here to guide you where to buy or invest.

what is the best surrounding area to choose before buying a house or any other property in Turkey ?


Be sure to choose the environment most suitable for your request due to the multiple regions and the different nature of the self and prefer to discuss with the Pearl Turkey Real Estate Advisory to help you make the most appropriate decision as there is a countless differences.

why you should pay attention about property Size in Turkey or any other place ?


Attention should be paid to the real estate size, which is different from the size of ​​the book property mentioned in the contract, and this ratio varies according to the level of the project services.

how to most reliable real estate consultant in Turkey ?


Should you know which company they are dealing with, and are they licensed or not? The size of the company and the number of options available that provide you with a greater opportunity for the right choice, you can view the Pearl Properties options through our website.

what is the legal papers needed for the buying procedure according to the Turkish law ?


You must study the apartment papers before purchasing and make sure that there is no mortgage on the previous owner and Pearl Turkey is always ready to assist you through the legal adviser in the company.

Is buying a property in Turkey a good investment?

foreign-investment-in-turkey (1).jpg

In general, it is considered a successful investment in service-oriented locations where demand is more than supply and is served by public transport

Is investing in Turkey safe ?


Turkey is a state law and law that includes the provisions of the protection of the rights of all parties equality whether a person is a Turkish or a foreign and advises to consult a reliable real estate company before buying any property because of their experience in legal matters

What are the advantages of owning a property in Turkey?

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The property allows the person to obtain a residence as long as he does not sell the property

If you buy a property with a value of 250 thousand dollars, the investor can obtain citizenship

Property prices in Turkey are relatively cheap compared to the size of the country, its stability and its long-term residential and tourist advantages

Property taxes in Turkey are nominal and are among the cheapest in the world