Amendments to the renewal of touristic residency in Turkey 2020

The Department of Foreigners of the Turkish Ministry of Interior had announced its decision to stop the renewal of touristic residency of all nationalities, starting from the beginning of next year 2020.

News sites informed sources that the decision is correct, and will be implemented early next year, after which the holder of tourist residency to exit from Turkey for a whole year, and then apply for the "visa" and the apply for a new touristic residency permission for a year cannot be renewed, this means holders of tourist residency After 01-01-2020, they will not be able to renew their residences unless they replace them with another type of residency (business, investor, family, Title deed).

Tourist residency in Turkey has always had easy renewal procedures to be done by the residence holder on an annual basis, while residences in Turkey are divided into several types: tourist, student residence, work residence, Title deed, family and humanitarian residence.

Most Arab foreigners living in Turkey carry touristic permission, which enables them to move more freely and even to leave and return to the country.

The Turkish decision has alarmed many Arabs, especially Syrians living in Turkey, because of the large number lives in turkey, but the Deputy Director of Turkish Immigration assured that the decision to stop tourist residency renewal does not include Syrian, Egyptian, Libyan and Sudanese nationalities, while the rest of the nationalities are ruled to be foreigners.

Here are some of the reasons help you as residency permission in turkey holder may renew:

1- Owning a property in Turkey apartments, land, villa or other immovable property.

2- Opening of a company.

3- Getting a job in a Turkish company or operating on Turkish territory in a licensed manner.

4- Marry a person who holds Turkish citizenship.

5- Arrivals for scientific research

6- Students in Turkish universities.

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