Buying property in Turkey

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Do you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul and want to know all the details before you decide to come in this article will explain the most important reviews about buying an apartment in Istanbul.

Istanbul is a big city and there is the European side of Istanbul and the Asian side in Istanbul and each side has a somewhat different nature of life.The European side is characterized by the large number of foreign investments and the large number of tourists from different countries and suffers from the congestion of streets due to the high population within it while the Asian culprit from Istanbul It is still under development and construction in most of its areas except for the old areas such as Uskudar and Kadıköy. The character of the population is more inclined to the traditional Turkish environment and this aspect is relatively calm.

The Turkish government is constantly seeking to support Istanbul with infrastructure projects on both sides of bridges, highways, hospitals and government centers to provide housing services.

When thinking about buying an apartment in Istanbul, you must first determine the main purpose of this decision, whether it is for investment or housing.

If the goal is to invest in apartments, the focus should be on the central locations within the city where demographic development is evident. For example, the area of ​​Kagtanah on the European side, which the government is working hard to make it at the level of Maslak area. The price difference is more than 50% currently and there are also investment options in the Asian side such as Kartal area which is witnessing a large demographic transfer to reach the level of Kadıköy.

Buying apartments in projects under construction is a successful investment if we compare the prices of apartments in non-ready projects with ready-made projects in the same area and the same quality of construction services and building materials used, but must pay attention to several things, study The history of the construction company and the extent of its commitment to deliver projects according to the quality and time specified in the contract, whether for local or foreign customers and see its profile to see how many projects have been delivered previously and the extent of the company's commitment to contracts and must be purchased in projects that have been built more than 60% of Percentage of total ages because the purchase In land projects only there is a high risk and a long time for delivery, which goes the benefit of investment until reaching the stage of sale of apartments and collect the expected return and must be purchased in a central location to make sure that the cost of the largest project is the price of the land and not the construction of the project itself. Have a land in a course, for example, has a large financial capacity to complete the project at a large rate different from the owner of the land in the Esenyurt, for example, which makes up building materials the largest proportion of the cost of the project

There is also investment through the rental of apartments and includes two types through annual lease, which amounts to 7% per year or there are some companies offer rental guarantee to get the expected return and there is a daily lease, which returns to 25% per year, but requires follow-up Work through the landlord or a company engaged in tourism to manage the subject

If the purpose of buying an apartment depends on the nature of the lifestyle that the client wants, Istanbul life styles vary from region to region, for example, there are those who want to buy an apartment overlooking the sea we will supply you the most important marine areas in Istanbul:

-Zeytinburnu area is located in the center of Istanbul on the European side and the complexes are characterized by very luxurious finishes and very picturesque sea views and the price level is high in these areas significantly

-Avcilar area is located close to Ataturk Airport and Florya area.

-Beylikdüzü area: It is a maritime area and is characterized by a lot of restaurants and cafeterias and the presence of the Marmara Park Mall and the new sea port, which reaches to -Aminono and Aleni Kabi in just ten minutes

-Uskudar region: It is one of the most expensive areas and inhabited by the wealthy class in the Asian side and there are luxury complexes overlooking the sea

-Kartal is a newly built area located near KadiKoy area and is witnessing high prices and is an ideal environment for the life of foreign tourists in Istanbul

There are also some people prefer a different lifestyle such as the presence of green gardens and new buildings according to the wonderful organization and the existence of a rapid construction of infrastructure such as what was done in the Basaksehir area of ​​botanical garden, which was opened by President Erdogan last year and contains a central library due to the large Intellectuals and readers in the region .

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