details about bahcesehir area

European Istanbul is witnessing a huge urban activity that attracts investors intensively, and this is due to a group of distinguished services and great interest in the comfort of the residents. The Bahcesehir region is one of these important areas because it is close to the city center and the new airport, and yet it has a different nature between hills and plains. And a vegetation

Bahcesehir is designed to be a city garden, most notably the large park and an area of ​​300,000 square meters in addition to the many public parks with small rivers and lakes with a private facility to refine and purify the water for irrigation with fresh water availability and this project was opened by the collective housing administration of the Presidency of the Council Turkish ministers with a host of other projects

What distinguishes Bahcesehir from other regions?

1 - Proximity to the third Istanbul Bridge, the Marmara Highway, the new Istanbul Airport and the Istanbul Water Canal, which is currently under construction

2 - The investment character of the region, as it is located in the northwest of Kuchuk Lake Chumkamja, and the great activity that made real estate prices rise by four times per square meter, in addition to the high quality of clothing.

3 - The calmness of the region and its enjoyment of the finest services, as a large number of Turkish, Arab and international schools abound in the region in addition to the important Bahcesehir University

And do not forget about the health aspect, as it has a governmental and German specialized hospital and an important number of modern-style mosques and a number of health clubs, and the municipality supervises one of them to provide its services at a low price for residents

4 - The rich and distinguished entertainment side in terms of designing gardens with small rivers and artificial lakes as in the Colette Park and places for children's games and sports and is equipped with sports equipment and there is a safe place for children for skiing and this region contains the largest artificial lake in Turkey and on Its banks are spread by various well-known gourmet restaurants, cafes, clubs and social amenities

5 - Places of gathering and shopping: The Akbati complex with famous cafes and restaurants stands outside it as a prominent name in this region and there is a comprehensive clean public bazaar for the residents throughout five days a week, in addition to that a number of local and international cafes and restaurants such as Starbucks - McDonald's

6 - Availability and diversification of transportation between the metro, taxi and main highway, and some malls provide free transportation within the region.

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