Establishment of companies in Turkey

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Establishment of companies in Turkey

Before starting any step you should determine the type of company best suited for your work through the head and the nature of the work and our consultant ready to help at this point in detail

There are three main types of businesses Personnel Company : Is the simplest and most established companies because of the ease of its establishment and is recommended for the work of simple individuals as a doctor or lawyer and the person can establish himself or the agency of a certified legal accountant,  and does not grant the possibility of owning property for nationalities that need to establish a company such as Syrian nationality

Limited Liability Company: This type is recommended when there is more than one partner in the company and there is a vision for future work and requires that the capital of the partner should not be less than 10 thousand Turkish lira

Stock share  Company: Most large companies whose capital is shares are established as stock share companies

The Documents required for each company vary according to its activity and type. There is also a fundamental difference in the mechanism of calculating taxes and the rights and obligations of each company

The company is established within three working days after submitting the required documents from the investor

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