Everything you need to know about Istanbul

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Istanbul is the only city in the world that reaches Europe in Asia and has two parts: European and Asian sides

It covers a geographical area of ​​5461 square kilometers

The population of Istanbul is 15 million and 67 thousand people, according to the Anatolia Agency in 2019, equivalent to 18.4% of the population of Turkey and the equivalent of the population of more than 100 countries in the world

Istanbul Economic:

The volume of foreign trade in Istanbul last year amounted to 192 billion and 178 million Turkish lira, more than most countries' economies

The number of foreign companies registered in Istanbul is only 33 thousand

Turkey's GDP was 622 billion and 762 million Turkish lira

Istanbul Tourism:

Istanbul has a large number of places and museums visited by tourists from all over the world and we will mention the most important areas, for example:

Sultan Ahmad Mosque

Al Eminno Market

Istiklal Street

Taksim Square

Bosphorus Strait

Mosque of Hagia Sophia

Atakoy district

Infrastructure in Istanbul:

A number of mega projects have been developed in Istanbul, which made it one of the most developed cities in the past decade, including Europe, including:

Eurasia channel that connects the European and Asian sides and passes under the sea

Medical City, which is one of the largest hospitals in the world

Istanbul's new airport, the world's largest airport

The metro network, which is working permanently and establishing new lines within the regions of Istanbul

Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge, which connects Europe and Asia from the north in Istanbul

A project to be launched soon is the new Istanbul Canal that will reach the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea together

Istanbul real estate:

Istanbul is divided from a real estate perspective into three main areas:

Old Istanbul, which includes historically known areas such as the division of Chichili, Al Fateh and Kadi Kui. Most properties have been built for a long time except for some projects

The commercial and residential section located in the center of Istanbul and consists of several areas such as ATA Kent, Bakr Kui and Flora

The new section of Istnobel, most of which has recently been built as a famous and famous baccalaureate and Belek Dozo

Turkey is waiting for the arrival of 2023 permanently because of its rights after this year to obtain wages from vessels passing from the Bosphorus Straits and exploration of oil and gas, which will make Turkey one of the richest countries economically

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