Get acquainted with the Pearl Turkey company on Beylikduzu, which is one of the istanbul areas

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Istanbul was distinguished by being an important tourist destination for the Arab brothers, and therefore their real estate choices were directed to them, and this made the construction projects take into account the requirements of the Arab brothers and other investors, so its investment projects came to meet their most important needs, and the Beylikduzu region emerged as a modern, modern area that combined a unique climate and A geographic location and a carefully studied service group that combined with that government facilities and institutions, and yet it has a large share of infrastructure care, but the most noticeable thing currently being noted is that it is one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul.

And the most important real estate projects concentrated in it due to the preparation of its buildings to resist earthquakes, so the attention of the Turks was directed to them before others to live in, especially after the earthquakes of 1999 as the region turned from an agricultural area to a {the most recent and modern area on the contemporary European line and its geographical area estimated at about 11 square kilometers Containing more than 400 thousand people, increasing rapidly because of real estate investment opportunities and the demand of many families to live in it.

What distinguishes Beylikduzu?

1 - The presence of many vital centers and a renaissance that is evident in the new port on the Sea of ​​Marmara and the new metro line.

2 - It is the first choice for foreign and investing personalities because of the luxury, tranquility, security and ethnic diversity it holds, and it is nonetheless a tourist destination due to its beautiful nature and its moderate climate on the Marmara Sea.

3 - Its distance from the city center of Istanbul has made it a destination for medical tourism as well, and this is in addition to the fact that its real estate prices are lower than the real estate prices of the city center, which opens the door wide for investment opportunities.

4 - An atmosphere of luxury in luxury villas and luxury complexes with distinctive views, commercial complexes and offices.

5 - The unique European framework that combines entertainment, shopping malls, large shopping centers, European cafes and Tuyap Center, which is a center of exhibitions and cultural art events and branches of banks and banks.

6 - Health institutions represented in the modern government hospital with wide services for Turks and foreigners, a number of private hospitals (Medicana - MediLife), health centers and private clinics.

7 - Public and private schools, international schools with Arabic or international curricula, Fateh Private University, Beckent University and Okyanos, and there is a public university and therefore it was a great choice for students due to student housing and the availability of a comfortable metrobus line for student transportation.

8 - Its centers attract shoppers and visitors intensively because of its global brands (Marmara Park - Birla Vista - Migros).

9 - Easy and easy transportation from and to it. In it there are various transmission lines, the most prominent of which are five metrobus stations from west to east. It has buses for the surrounding areas with a waiting metro line with the port expected on the Sea of ​​Marmara.

10 - A group of important places in the middle of the Avcılar East and Lake Buyukcekmece in the west and north of Esenyurt and to the south of Marmara Beach.

11 - Real estate investment opportunity.

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