How to calculate the annual property tax

Method of calculating annual property tax:

The rate of calculating property tax in Turkey at the rate of 2 per thousand of the price of the property and the new in this article to adjust the price of the property in 2019, an increase of 11.86% of the estimated property price in 2018

In other words, real estate prices rose by 11.86% in 2019 and we will give you a numerical example to clarify the ease of calculation

We assume the price of the property was 400 thousand Turkish Liras in 2018 and therefore the price of the property in 2019 after the addition of the increase of TRY 447.440

The value of the annual real estate tax 447,440 * 0.002 = 895 Turkish lira payable in two installments first installment in March and the second installment in October

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