Latest Turkish citizenship amendments 2019

According to the latest statistics indicate the number of beneficiaries of the recent amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law through real estate investment by purchasing one or several properties worth of $ 250,000 or more.

amendments published in the Official magazine, on September 19, 2018, according to official statement issued by the Directorate General of Population, Citizenship and Turkish Affairs. The total number of applicants has reached 2700 applicants, 981 have been granted citizenship. The remaining applications are waiting several weeks to complete the process to complete.

As for the nationalities of investors with Turkish citizenship, who purchased real estate in Turkish territory not less than 250 thousand dollars to apply directly to the Directorate of Immigration for Turkish citizenship with the required documents which are:

- Title deed in case the property is ready or the purchase contract for the properties under construction.

- Real estate evaluation report

- Payment receipts

- Other documents necessary to be attached to the file of the application for Turkish citizenship with the competent authorities.

According to the latest announcement, the first place for those who was granted Turkish citizenship was Iranian citizens (253), Iraq (143), Yemen (97), Afghans (94), Syrians (59), Palestinians (58), and Jordanians (57). Then the Egyptians 45 people, the Chinese 21 people, then the Azerbaijanis 16 people.

Six citizens from both the Russian Federation and the United States have also been granted citizenship, in addition to four Israeli citizens, four Italians, two citizens of the United Kingdom, two citizens of Ukraine and one citizen of Greece and Australia.

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