Most visited and Best Tourist Areas in Turkey

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Turkey is characterized by its wide geographical area and beautiful green areas and its moderate atmosphere, which makes it one of the first destinations for Arab and foreign tourists and also has a large number of monuments and tourist because Turkey has been a state since the oldest times from the Ottoman Empire and there are 81 cities in Turkey And each city has a different tourist character from the other there are cities characterized by historical places and mosques such as Istanbul and there are cities characterized by the existence of ancient civilizations and the survival of some monuments such as Seljukin in Konya and historic landmarks in the Green Exchange and there are some cities that feature the presence of the sea and The attractive sandy beach such as Antalya and Fethiye and in the south of Turkey are the city of Bodrum where most of the tourists from Europe, America and the Arabian Gulf come from the villas and the beautiful views of the sea and the art of modern construction, which is well equipped with high technology, making it one of the first destinations for tourists. Which is characterized by the existence of geyser landscapes and green plains such as Trabzon and Ylova, which enjoy tourists in the roads connecting these cities and the increase in the number of tourists from one year to another continuously and foreigners also want to tourism in Turkey because of the nature of the Turkish social and love to receive guests and Share it M landmarks of their country and recall the historical tournaments that history has witnessed

What are the most visited areas in Turkey:

The area of ​​Besiktas in Istanbul: It has beautiful views of the Bosphorus and the presence of buildings reflecting the authenticity and history of Turkish heritage. The Turkish Government is keen to guide Mr. Erdogan to keep these buildings continuously maintained.

Mudanya area in Bursa : It has beautiful sea views and proximity to Istanbul via the ship and the calm and rural atmosphere away from noise and congestion.

uzungol Lake in Trabzon : This lake has the ideal rural atmosphere that Arab tourists particularly like.

Oludag Mountains in Bursa: Is a popular center for winter sports and a center for summer trips such as camping trips, and is the Olympic Olympic ski competitions, and the name Oludag in the Turkish language mountain high.

Oludeniz Beach in Fethiye :

Fethiye is a modern tourist city and has a number of beautiful part near the beach and with pure clean water.

What are the most historical landmarks in Turkey:

Topkapi Museum in Istanbul: It contains a large number of monuments and historical artifacts from the Ottoman and Seljuk era in Turkey.

Mosque of Sultan Ahmed in Istanbul :

It is called the Blue Mosque and is intended by all tourists to enjoy mosaics and the quality of design and reconstruction since ancient times.

Istanbul Chocolate Museum :

Is a relatively new tourist attraction and attracts children largely because of the presence of chocolate sculptures and a temperature within the complex to preserve the forms of the models.

Istanbul's Top Hane Park :

It is characterized by a season of Tulip flowers and visited by tourists and Turks annually to enjoy the views of natural flowers

Old Tree in Bursa :

The tree is about 600 years old and 35 meters long and 18.5 meters in diameter.

Warm water baths in Ylova :

Where hot hot water comes out of the ground and some tourists use it for certain treatments.

Balloons in Kapodkia :

It is frequently visited by tourists to enjoy jumping in the airship in the high mountains and to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

What are the most famous resorts and resorts in Turkey

Hilton Hotel in Istanbul (and vicinity)

Dolphin Grand Resorts is located in Antalya

This hotel is located in Alanya

Voyag Bodrum is situated in Bodrum

Buyuk Abant in the city of Abant

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