Top Investment Areas in Istanbul

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Istanbul is a large city with an area of ​​5461 km2 , and has a population of about 22 million inhabitants of Istanbul, the indigenous and Turkish residents of other cities and Foreigners people because Istanbul is the capital of the Turkish economy , and has the largest value in the real estate market and tourism,

In this article, we will talk about the Istanbul investment areas.  , As Mr. "Yusuf Turkoglu", Director of Pearl Turkey Says"The closer the location is to the center of Istanbul the more valuable the investment is and the shorter the investment period, noted the need to study the offer and demand in the region to make sure Of the validity of investment in them without regard to the promotion of some marketing sites "  and we will explain in detail each region separately:

 1 - Şişli Area: It is one of the most important areas of the center of Istanbul and is close to all the historical areas such as Beşiktaş and Taksim and Sultan Ahmed and has a section under development and we recommend to invest by leasing due to the lack of properties in the region

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2 - Meslek Area: The current commercial nerve route in Istanbul and  Pearl Turkey advises in this region to obtain a rental return because the prices of the region reached a peak and demand at the highest rates

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3 - Kâğıthane Area : Kâğıthane is about 3 km away and is an general urabıtıon Area, with demographic development and construction of infrastructure that will follow suit. Pearl Turkey advises investing in this area to obtain capital increase through high property prices In view of its strategic location in the center of Istanbul and the expected investment period of 2-3 years

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4 - Eyüp area ( Gaziosmanpaşa ) : Eyüp area is a large area in Istanbul and consists of several sections, including the popular section of the housing which limits the area of ​​Fatih and there is the section, which is seriously developed by the Turkish government of the Tramway , Schools and located on the main road to the TemHigh Way - it is recommended to invest in the area of ​​ Eyüp for up to five years

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5 - Basın Ekspress: Newly built and has been a factory land for about 4 years. The most important characteristic of this region is that it is located in the middle of Istanbul and you can reach any place within Istanbul within 25 minutes. Metro Within the area and near the exhibition city and most of the five-star hotels in this area, such as Holiday In and Elite World

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for subareas Areas like : Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt, there are some investment options, but with relatively little return with the above mentioned areas and long investment periods of up to ten years in some areas. The prices are cheap and are recommended for family accommodation for people who do not need to go to the city center It includes full services from schools, hospitals, malls and government establishments

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