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Top residential areas in Istanbul

Pearl Turkey Real Estate has conducted a comprehensive study of the best Turkish residential areas for buying a property in Turkey or for investment or residence in Turkey

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Top ten residential areas in Istanbul

Meslek :  is characterized by the presence of a large number of offices and the nature of people who are considered to be one of the most prestigious classes in Istanbul and the existence of large commercial malls such as Vadi Istanbul Mall

Sisli : is one of the most historically known areas in Istanbul. It is characterized by historical places and restaurants that represent the traditions of the Turkish people. There are well-known malls in the region such as the cevahir Mall and the modern Bomonti Canal, which connects the Dolme Palace and the Bomonti region, The prosperity of the region markedly


Kagithane area : Located in the center of Istanbul, a 10-minute drive from Sisli. It is an investment zone at the same time. It has modern complexes with quality services. The mall is located near Kagithane

Zeytin Burno : Located in the center of Istanbul, it has beautiful sea views and has the most luxurious residential complexes in Istanbul. It is close to commercial areas such as the Marter area and relatively quiet in the modern section.

Eyup area : The most famous historical areas that contain the Sultan Eyup Mosque and the museum and is characterized by being in the center of the city and there are huge construction works in the region, which contributes to the rise in property prices significantly, such as the project of Eurasia channel and because of the large geographical area there are two sections Popular and has old buildings such as Al Fatih and the other section where there are apartments for sale in Istanbul in Eyup within the luxury and modern complexes

Basaksehir area : A modern area that has been under construction since 2002 and has the presence of luxury complexes and many infrastructure projects in the region such as Botanical Garden, Medical City and the existence of commercial malls such as the Mall of Istanbul and the new field which includes the Great Mosque and features green spaces big


Belikduzu Area : an area characterized by beautiful sea views and the existence of modern luxury complexes and contains a large number of malls and restaurants such as Mall Marmara Park and enjoy the wonderful sea atmosphere and is considered one of the most tourist areas and there are a number of apartments for sale in Istanbul with sea views in BeylikDuzu

Bahcesehir : Area is known for its vast green spaces and most of its projects have been recently built. There are a number of malls in the region such as the Akbati Mall and new metro lines being built in the region.

Esenyurt : a popular area with cheap prices within the area. There are fully serviced parts and close proximity to public transport such as buses and metros. A metro line is currently being built within the same area

Kartal area : Located in the Asian section of Istanbul, it has a sea view and stretches on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is quiet and has modern complexes with integrated services and close to the city center. Kartal is only 10 minutes away from the Kadikoy area.