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Turkish citizenship by investment

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Turkish citizenship

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Apartments approved for Turkish citizenship


Pearl Turkey customer questions regarding Turkish nationality with answers from our company


What nationalities are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment ?

The decision includes all nationalities, including the Palestinian who holds a travel document.

and Turkish government is still studying the law for Syrian citizens want to invest in real estate for citizenship and its not ready for now but they still can apply through investing and depositing 500000$ or more in  Turkish bank.


Will Turkish citizenship be granted to me and my family ?

Yes Nationality decision includes husband, wife and children under 18 years old.



What is the value of properties to be bought for Turkish citizenship ?

The value of the property in turkey must be $ 250,000 or more.


How to calculate the exchange rate between the dollar and the Turkish lira?

The conversion rate is calculated on the day of transfer of money to the construction company's account at the rate of the Central Bank of Turkey.


Should I buy one property or can I buy more than one property to acquire Turkish citizenship by investing ?

There is no requirement on the number of properties it is important to only have a value of more than $ 250,000.


How are properties valued at $ 250,000 to guarantee my Turkish citizenship ?

There are companies authorized by the Turkish government to issue an assessment of real estate. After the client has booked the property in principle we send one of these companies and after obtaining a report confirms the valuation of properties more than $ 250,000 we sign the count and complete the procedures.


How do I pay the construction company in cash or through bank transfers ?

Payment must be made exclusively by wire transfer from the buyer's bank to the seller's bank.


I purchased a property previously in 2018 Can I offer Turkish nationality through it ?

Regarding last edition  properties purchased after the date of 01.01.2017 can be obtained for Turkish citizenship.


Can I invest these properties after I get Turkish citizenship ?

Yes, you can invest real estate in turkey from the moment of purchase and the customer can not resell until 3 years after the date of submission of the Turkish nationality through investment.


Who does file submission and follow-up procedures ?

A specialized lawyer coordinates the file and follows up the application stages. We have a lawyer specialized in these matters.


What papers do you need to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment ?

Title deed or a certified contract of $ 250,000.

Bank transfer receipts of $ 250,000.

Passport translated and certified by the Turkish Consulate for each member of the family.

A certified birth statement from the Turkish Consulate for each member of the family.

A certified marriage contract from the Turkish Consulate.

Personal photos No. 6 for each member of the family.


What is the expected duration of my Turkish citizenship ?

It takes about 2-4 months from the moment you buy real estate and transfer money to get Turkish citizenship.


Can I buy real estate under construction for Turkish citizenship by investing ?

Yes, after an amendment decision has been made, it is possible to apply through a certified contract from Notary.


Does Turkey allow dual nationality ?

Yes according to Turkish citizenship law You can keep your nationality in addition to Turkish nationality.


Can I buy real estate by installments and apply for Turkish citizenship ?

The total amount payable must be $ 250,000 to apply for Turkish citizenship.


can i buy property or apartment from a non-Turkish owner to apply to the citizenship ?

Regarding last decision yes you can , because if you buy from foreigner.


Is it required that the property be for residence or investment ?

You can buy a property for investment or residence and apply for Turkish citizenship.


What are the ways to get Turkish citizenship in general ?

Real estate investment worth $ 250,000.

The bank deposit is $ 500,000 and Syrian citizens can apply through this method.

Employ 50 Turkish workers.

Marriage to a Turkish citizen.

5 years of continuous work.