Important amendments were made to the decision to acquire Turkish nationality by investing on 15.09.2018 according to the following terms:

 1 - Real estate investment worth 250 thousand dollars or more instead of one million dollars previously.

2 - Deposit a bank deposit of US $ 500,000 instead of US $ 2 million.

3 - Employing a Turkish workers 50 instead of 100 former workers.

The process between the application and the acquisition of nationality takes a period of between two to four months depending on the investor's file.


 Turkish Citizenship


 Turkish nationality by investing


In this article we will explain the real estate investment mechanism in detail .

After contacting our company and getting all the necessary information you should visit Turkey to see the real estate projects .

We take a real estate tour based on the pre-agreed platformsThe investor will book the properties to be bought for a small amount of approximately $ 1000, which can be restored if you do not want to continue.

Pearl Turkey sends a Resident to confirm that the value of the property is identical to the report to be submitted in the application for citizenship and the valuation must be

$ 250,000 or more, The date of purchase of the property must be after 15.09.2018 Property must has title deed After obtaining the report, the investor will take the agency to our lawyer to complete the procedures, The investor shall sign a contract and transfer the amount of money agreed upon under the contract, The company's lawyer obtains the title deed  based on the agency or the investor personally if he is in Turkey.

It is stipulated that the property is not sold for three years after submitting the file Citizenship shall be obtained for the investor, his wife and children under the age of 18 years

For more information, please send Enquery to our consultant to answer your questions.

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